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We work hard behind the scenes so annoying technology issues don't slow your business down.

Our mission is to help businesses like yours increase productivity and get more out of the technology you invest in.
We specialize in solutions that safeguard and protect your data and keep operations running smoothly.

Managed IT Services

Intelligent remote monitoring, proactive maintenance, and behind-the-scenes remote support.

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Network Security

Protect your business from threats like malware, viruses, phishing attacks, hackers and other threads.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Ensure peace-of-mind in any situation with the most complete data backup solution available.

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Cloud Hosting Solutions

Reduce infrastructure costs, collaborate, and get more done with our unique cloud solutions.

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When you just want IT to work!

There are a lot of computer shops out there that you can call up to fix an issue or install a piece of equipment. They might be able to get you out of crisis mode, but they aren’t looking at the full picture.

At PC Technologies, we understand business. We consult. We provide solutions to solve everyday challenges. We just happen to fix computers as well.

We believe (and have proven) that if you proactively manage technology, run maintenance religiously, and monitor a business network, everyday issues and downtime will be greatly reduced.

This is what makes us different than your typical tech support company. Sure, we can fix computer issues when you have them, but our specialty is preventing them in the first place.

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      Who Are We?

      It's Nice To Know Who You're Working With, We Get That

      PC Technologies understands that making a decision means putting your trust in us. We encourage you to find out more about our company and read testimonials from our many satisfied customers!

      About PC Technologies

      We are not your typical business, We are your business partners

      We live by the idea that your business needs come first, so much so that our CEO W. Jeff Seeman has written a letter for you to read showing just how dedicated our team is to not only solving problems but your success!

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      Our Difference
      It's a Secret

      Shhh, don't tell anyone we told you!

      WARNING: We are about to let you in on a secret about how most computer companies really make their money! We will cover the three main types of IT companies and what you can expect out of them.

      Discover What It Is!

      Refer A Friend To PC Technologies!

      Do you know someone who you think my benefit from our services? Let us know and we will get in touch with them!

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      What Our Clients Say

      • I highly recommend PC Technologies for any of your IT and/or computer needs
        Practice Manager at Robert GR Lang, MD Inc

        Jeff has provided computer components and IT services to our medical practice since 2007. He has seen us through a system conversion, office move, and EMR implementation, providing the peripherals and support needed to make a smooth transition each time. He and his staff are prompt, professional, and price conscious. I highly recommend PC Technologies for any of your IT and/or computer needs

      • Gets it fixed fast

        Jeff and his staff installed a major computer upgrade for my office. There was no down time for my staff, the system works great and whenever there's glitch, Jeff, or one of his staff, gets it fixed fast.

      • No more having to take the computer into the store
        Director at Washington Gemological Laboratory

        I have relied on Jeff and his crew for not only minor 'bugs' that occur but also for swapping out the entire data from an older laptop into the one I currently use. They have always been able to do the job and quickly. Most of the time they are able to resolve the issue over the phone, while controlling my computer from their office. Love it!! Makes my life so much easier. No more having to take the computer into the store.

      • Jeff is the IT consultant for our company.
        Citizen Action Network at Freedom Foundation

        He goes the extra mile to ensure that all of our computer infrastructure is running smoothly. When we do encounter problems Jeff is quick to respond. He has become integral to our team--so much so, we should call him a staff member rather than a consultant.

      • PC Tech is a great place to get all of your IT needs.
        Branch Manager / Loan Officer at Weststar Pacific Mortgage

        Jeff is always available and works with you on the best possible solutions to ones needs. I would recommend PC Tech to anyone that is running a business and does not want to deal with IT.

      • Jeff is able to bridge the gap between IT professional and customer relationships very well.
        Board Member at Seattle Search Network

        I've recommended him to clients that are in need of IT services many times. Jeff is highly skilled in IT and understands the changing trends and its impact to the small business owner. I'd highly recommend Jeff to others seeking for an IT professional.

      Latest Blogs

      A Fascinating Look at How the Internet Has Changed the Stock Market

      Wall Street, BC (Before Computers)
      Even before the advent of the computer, Wall Street was well known for utilizing technology. The ticker tape is a shining example; a fascinating device which gave a real-time and continuous printout on the performance of the market.

      When combined with a nearby telephone, these two technologies gave the average Joe the ability to buy and sell securities on a whim. This helped pave the way for near-instantaneous trading, which was largely responsible for the dynamic growth experienced by the stock market during the twentieth century.

      Make Way for the Computers
      Later, the quotation board was adopted, retiring the iconic ticker tape machines. In the 1980s, modern computing tactics took front and center, thanks to the introduction of the Quotron. With this technology, brokerage houses gained the power to instantaneously manage large hedge funds by quickly reacting to market fluctuations.

      The Internet Changes Everything
      When the Internet revolution hit, using computers connected over a network wasn’t something new to Wall Street. In fact, as early as the 1970s brokerages had been using Electronic Communications Networks (ECNs) to make their own computer systems more efficient. However, before computer networking could significantly change the operations of a behemoth institution like Wall Street, significant capital first needed to be invested in order to build the infrastructure--a longtime task that was actually funded by significant technology investments being poured into the stock market.

      With the rise of the Internet came online brokerages such as ETrade and Ameritrade. However, the major influence of such online tools which gave individual players unparalleled control over their investments is only part of the story. In 1994, two economists, William Christie and Paul Schultz, published a paper titled, “Why do NASDAQ Market Makers Avoid Odd-Eighth Quotes?” where they outlined a deliberate anomaly where market makers were manipulating the spread (the difference between the buy and sell prices of NASDAQ securities) to secure these individuals a higher profit margin. You may recall this event leading to a full-scale investigation and subsequent rule changes by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) to protect the smaller investors that made use of these online trading services. Eventually, even the traditional brokerages such as Charles Schwab and TD Waterhouse offered online trading that could be accessed by anyone.

      Like with every good bubble, the crazy market growth fueled by Internet technologies (with frenzied spending seen particularly in 1999 and 2000) eventually popped. It took a few long years for the EU and US markets to rebound from the pop of the dot com bubble, but confidence in the markets was eventually restored, thanks to a realization that the Internet was much more than a fad and could be effectively utilized by companies to boost their sales base.

      Online Trading at High Speed
      No longer faced with the limitations of dial-up modems, today’s Internet speeds make it possible for investors to execute trades in incredibly short intervals--millions of times faster than what can be made by human decision making. This has led to the phenomena of quantitative trading, which uses complex algorithms to do trades so fast that a half a cent here and a half a cent there can lead to millions of dollars changing hands over millions of trades.

      However, this technological development helped contribute to another major dip in the market, the housing collapse of 2008. Since then, several strategies and regulations have been implemented in an effort to keep tabs on this fast-paced market.Today, regulators heavily rely on automated systems in an effort to keep investors, traders, brokers, and everyone else involved in quantitative trading honest.

      Despite the best efforts of regulators, they still find themselves in a reactive position to wild market fluctuations that are fueled by high-speed trading technologies. This was especially evident on May 6, 2010 in what was known as the “Flash Crash.” Wikipedia gives an account of this fateful day, “The Flash Crash, was a United States trillion-dollar stock market crash, which started at 2:32 p.m. EDT and lasted for approximately 36 minutes. Stock indexes, such as the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average and Nasdaq Composite, collapsed and rebounded very rapidly. The Dow Jones Industrial Average had its biggest intraday point drop (from the opening) up to that point, plunging 998.5 points (about 9%), most within minutes, only to recover a large part of the loss. It was also the second-largest intraday point swing (difference between intraday high and intraday low) up to that point, at 1,010.14 points. The prices of stocks, stock index futures, options and exchange-traded fund (ETFs) were volatile, thus trading volume spiked. A CFTC 2014 report described it as one of the most turbulent periods in the history of financial markets.”

      On the upside, the market rebounded almost as fast as it fell, finishing down only three points. It took regulators over four months to determine the cause of this “hiccup,” which stemmed from an algorithm being triggered by a very large sale of stock, along with the same-day announcement that Greece was bankrupt. Protections have since been put into place, but it just goes to show how volatile technology makes today’s financial markets when millions of trades are being made every minute.

      What’s your opinion of all of these crazy changes experienced by the stock market (and perhaps your portfolio) due to the introduction of new technologies? Does it make you more cautious to invest or emboldened to take greater risks?

      Additionally, how does the story of technology changing the financial markets relate to how technology has changed your own business model over the years? Has it made you faster, more automated, and more effective? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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      Tip of the Week: 10 Google Easter Eggs - Because the Internet Isn’t Distracting Enough

      Of course, we’re not talking about the colored eggs hidden in the yard every spring. No, we’re referring to the fun surprises Google has added to their search engine. By entering a specific search query into, you’ll encounter a Google Easter egg. Over the years, Google’s hidden a few dozen Easter eggs. Here’s how to access PC Technologies’s 10 favorite eggs!

      Type “Atari breakout” and click Images
      This will turn all of the searchable images into a playable game of the classic video game Super Breakout. Be sure to turn on your speakers to enjoy the nostalgic sound effects.

      Type “Askew
      This clever Easter egg will tilt your search results just enough to be noticeable. Don’t worry, after you leave the page your screen will be back to normal.

      Type “Festivus
      “Festivus for the rest of us!” Festivus is a made up holiday originating from the television show Seinfeld. By searching for “Festivus,” you’ll find out exactly what the holiday is all about, while being treated to a traditional Festivus pole located on the left side of your screen.

      Type “Google in 1998
      Computer users with fond memories of the 90s will appreciate this one. This Easter egg will provide you with a fascinating glimpse of what Google looked like--almost 20 years ago!

      Type “Zerg rush
      Players of the popular video game StarCraft and “n00bs” alike will appreciate this egg. Essentially, this search causes Google’s letters to attack the search results, and the only way you can stop them is to frantically click each one until they disappear. However, characteristic of the game’s Zerg rush, doing so will only cause more Zerg-like letters to appear, until you’re overwhelmed and your precious search results are destroyed. Also, notice the handy-dandy score counter on the right side.

      Type “flip a coin,” or “roll a die
      Google will display an animated die or coin that will provide a random result with each search. If you don’t have an actual coin or die on you, this is a great alternative.

      Type “[actor’s name] Bacon Number
      The Bacon number here relates to the classic game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” not the sweet meat. In the game, you’re supposed to figure out how many films separate an actor from another movie with Kevin Bacon in it. Although, we think that automating the game like this kind of takes the fun out of it.

      Type “fun facts
      Feeling curious? This egg will provide you with a random fact card. As a bonus, this is an easy way to play a game of trivia with your friends.

      Type “The answer to the ultimate question of life the universe and everything” (no punctuation)
      Fans of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy will of course know the answer to this.

      Type “Google Pacman
      In yet another nod to video games, Google made a playable game of Pac-Man as a doodle in 2010 to celebrate the game’s 30th anniversary--a doodle responsible for costing the US economy $120 million in lost productivity, or 5 million wasted work hours, upon its release. Thankfully, Google decided to keep the game up. Good news for bored office workers, not so much for the economy.

      These are our top 10 favorite Google Easter eggs, there are actually many more to be found. Can you think of one or two eggs that we didn’t go over? Share them with us in the comments!

      Bonus egg: “Do a barrel roll!”

      Learn More

      Reminder: Windows 10 Free Upgrade Period Ends July 29th

      Budget Constraints
      The first is the fact that Windows 10 is (still) a free upgrade, unlike upgrading to Windows 7 or 8.1 from Windows XP. At the time, businesses were fretting over the impossible strains that they would be placing on their budget all at once. The other issue associated with Windows XP was that hardware running Windows XP was also old and out of date in the first place. Upgrading multiple workstations is another major cost that organizations dragged their heels with, and many paid the price once the end of support date finally arrived.

      In comparison, Windows 10 is a free upgrade for users of Windows 7 and 8.1, which many businesses upgraded to following Windows XP’s end of support. Keep in mind that Microsoft is only offering free upgrades to Windows 10 until July 29th, 2016 - one full year following its release to the public. Now is as good a time as ever to upgrade, especially considering the fact that, at the present moment, it costs your business nothing (well, almost nothing) to invest in Windows 10.

      Legacy Applications
      When moving applications and internal software solutions over from Windows XP, organizations had to perform extensive research and dedicate resources to guarantee application compatibility with more modern operating systems. This process could take quite a bit of time, which was something that XP users didn’t have much of. Thanks to Windows XP’s end of life forcing users to upgrade, most of the heavy lifting for application compatibility has already been done.

      This means that, in theory, a Windows 7 or 8.1 upgrade to Windows 10 will be much easier to perform than an XP-to-Windows 7 upgrade. This doesn’t mean that you should upgrade without first taking a moment to consider compatibility again, though. It’s important to discuss the migration process with trusted technology professionals, and to thoroughly test compatibility in a controlled environment before committing wholeheartedly to a migration procedure.

      Windows 10 is now on over 300 million active devices. Does this figure include your business’s workstations and mobile devices? If not, your business should consider doing so before Windows 10’s free upgrade deadline arrives. The latest technology solutions can be an immense boon for your business, and one which sets your organization apart from similar businesses in your chosen service area.

      To learn more about migration, contact PC Technologies at 360-491-2227.

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      When you think about the stock market, one vibrant image that comes to mind is the chaotic trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange, with traders climbing over each other and barking orders. Today, the NYSE trading floor is much more subdued, a testimony to just how much...

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      PC Technologies launches new website!

      PC Technologies is proud to announce the launch of our new website at The goal of the new website is to make it easier for our existing clients to submit and manage support requests, and provide more information about our services for prospective clients.

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